How Curated Content Helps Build Your Business

  Many marketers are using curated content as part of what has proven to be a very effective marketing strategy for increasing and maintaining exposure online! The 'process' of curating content involves gathering only the MOST relevant content you can find for your needs and filtering out the rest! For many entrepreneurs working on the internet this strategy is a HUGE time saver although this is NOT the only benefit it offers!

Let's review 3 reasons why curating information from across the web can be so beneficial for entrepreneurs trying to increase and maintain their exposure online!

It 'Supports' Your Brand

Although it's important to establish your presence and brand using unique content, the process of curating it helps sustain your presence! The key obviously is to use only relevant content in accordance with both your business objectives and brand intentions! The need for repetition to reinforce your branding efforts and the relative ease of gathering and NOT creating information makes this strategy even more effective!

It Increases Work Efficiency

Businesses online have many aspects to them that need to be attended to and on a daily basis and my guess is yours is no different! Much time and effort is required, and on an ongoing basis, to implement strategies designed for gaining the exposure online you need to succeed! Using information you curated as opposed to created can save you much time and energy thereby allowing you to devote your attention to other things! In doing so your work efficiency increases along with your chances of success as well!

It Keeps Readers Interested

Quite frankly it's a heck of a lot easier to find something that will keep your readers interested as opposed to trying to create it When you also consider that as the curator you'll be filtering out any information you find that does not display relevance, you've got yourself a very effective marketing strategy! The whole purpose behind circulating information to increase your exposure online is to present material people find interesting! When you can do so with less work you're definitely going in the right direction!

Curated content is a fantastic and very effective marketing strategy for constructively building and maintaining your exposure online! By collecting only the most relevant content for your needs that you can find and filtering out the rest, you deliver to readers only the best of the best! This strategy also offers 3 other HUGE benefits to business builders on the internet as well and is reviewed above! Gathering and delivering only the most relevant content people want to see in such a time efficient manner is definitely both a winning and effective marketing strategy and one you need to employ!

Is content curation the same thing as stealing?

Is clipping, snipping and collecting content from around the web that you think your audience will enjoy tantamount to cheating?

The truth is, in my mind, there is NO faster, easier or more ethical way to quickly build an authority site in your niche, market or industry that finding people who have something valuable to offer... and simply taking a small sample or excerpt, and then pointing those who want to learn more BACK to the original source for more.

A win/win for everyone, right?

The truth is, while there is lots of pomp and circumstance and step by step silliness about how exactly to curate content the RIGHT way everywhere you look online... in my view, you aren't going to find many people who truly "get" how publishing works, who also complain when folks borrow a little bit of their content in demonstrating how awesome they are)

I'd much rather have 100 people copying different little chunks and hunks of every blog I post and then DIRECTING their readers to come check out more... than worry about the 3 paragraphs of my own words they've clipped or snipped to "sell" the click)

Make sense?

I want to share with you what MAY be the absolute easiest, most elegant and expeditious way to learn how to curate content like a PRO, in an environment where it's not only encouraged... but it's build into the success of the platform to boot.

Simply open a Tumblr account and play with it for a few days.

It's a ton of fun... it's fast, and it's 100% free! And if you've written anything else I've written on content curation recently, as I've pointed out a few times in the last couple weeks, the BEST content, and the most viral content, on Tumblr... is the CURATED content! (and they reward you for curating content in a whole hodge podge of cool and creative ways... most notably, you get INSTANT exposure and can create a community of fans, friends and followers simply by curating lots of stuff your "ideal" audience wants to read)

The EASIEST way to build a community using borrowed, curated or "clipped" content on a Tumblr blog?

Ironically, using funny, or inspirational quotes that your ideal audience will enjoy is probably the BEST way to build up a huge readership with minimal effort, as all you are really doing is finding short blurbs to post... and people start to "like' them, reblog them and they begin to spread like a viral marketing meme.

One quick sneaky trick that's 100% kosher... and works amazingly well for marketers with a message:

Remember, contrary to WordPress, when you re-blog other peoples stuff on Tumblr (which is curation in it's simplest form) the original source gets notified, and displays a list ON their blog of others who have reprinted their stuff... often meaning, not only will THEY come and check you out, but their readers will as well!