The Most Important Accessory for Your Sports Bike

  When it comes to accessorizing, riders and owners of motorcycles, particularly those that are new in this field, often spend their money in increasing engine performance. Oftentimes, they put their entire budget on performance motorcycle parts accessories like exhausts, fuel injection, mapping systems, and other components to help boost the motorcycle's engine.

But once they experience track riding, the illusion of power as the most important component to gain speed fades fast. In fact, too much of it without taking into consideration the other factors may just make your motorcycle more than you can handle. Many have experienced that it could actually make one slower than the others with less powerful bikes.

So what performance motorcycle parts accessories should you invest in? Here are some suggestions of expert riders of motorcycles:

o Suspension

Lance Keigwin of Star Motorcycle School and Hare Racing, suggests that riders should take full note of the suspension. This is one component that can increase speed in motorcycles, according to Keigwin. Unfortunately, most riders often overlook this factor. He further explained that some of the stock bikes today may perform under regular conditions; however, when pushed beyond the average riding situations, their performance becomes questionable. "I do not suggest, however, that you spend a fortune in full suspension components; instead, I suggest you work with your stock suspension and use components that may improve the stock equipment like the gold valve emulators," Keigwin added.

o Tires

According to Keigwin, tires are another important component when it comes to handling motorcycles. "Simple knowledge of how the different types of tires help maneuverability may also help you be a faster and smoother rider," he suggests.

Keigwin further suggests reducing weight from unsprung parts such as wheels, rotors, sprockets and engine parts. He said that this technique helps in handling the motorcycle better. His opinion is that some of the weight of the components may create the effect that makes the motorcycle go straight. However, by installing lighter components, according to Keigwin, helps in improving considerably the handling of the motorcycle. For him, "Power is almost at the end of my list of priorities; right before cosmetics."

o Handling factor

The handling factor also comes as a priority above power and cosmetics. This is according to Alex Florea of AFMotorsports. Florea said that to an average rider, several things may not be so visible. This includes installing taller tires without adjusting the geometry. This may cause riders to loose stability and may need to adjust the triple clamps on the forks to make up for the difference. With regards to slicks, he suggests that DOT tires are better investments.

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Don't get me wrong, I love my Honda CBR1000, but statistically speaking, my kind of bike is more prone to accidents than any other kind of motorbike, and that means Honda Motorbike Insurance is exceptionally important to me.

These bikes, known as street bikes, sports bikes and sometimes "crotch rockets" are built for the track, even though some never see the paces. They are incredibly powerful and many have top speeds that rival race cars. When this power exceeds the rider's ability or traffic conditions, serious stuff can happen. Stuff that means your Honda motorbike insurance had better be quality and in order.

Here are some sports bike specific factors to keep in mind when getting your Honda motorbike insurance policy.

If you have done any customization to the bike, especially anything that has added value to the bike itself, be sure to let your Honda motorbike insurance company know. You don't want to find out after the damage is done that your sweet new exhaust isn't covered.

Modifications that affect performance, street legality, or any that might change or affect the handling or mobility of the bike in any way should also be declared to the company. It is a sad fact of the insurance claims game that if the company is going to be asked to shell out a ton of money for a claim, they are going to look pretty hard for any reason to deny the claim.

There is also racing insurance for those of you that are lucky enough to participate in road racing or track days. Street insurance specifically excludes racing, speed tests, and anything like that. Count on the Honda motorbike insurance company to find out about these situations. You can also get cover that is solely for race bikes or track bikes. You just have to look around and ask questions.